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We are super excited to sponsor Andy Nguyen, WWMA fighter out of South Carolina. She is a pro WMMA fighter which by itself is no easy task. We are very proud to her representing my Dawgs Forever Forever Dawgs. I know she will do us proud!!! No doubts!! I plan on being a long time loyal supporter. I am huge on GOOD PEOPLE!!  Not only good fighters but people of character and integrity! Andy fits that profile, plus she is very funny!! Welcome aboard Andy. Luv the pics as we are excited to see the Dawg Taggs!! Thanks and best of luck. You have our loyal support. AINT NO FAN LIKE A CLEVELAND BROWNS FAN. DFFD.

Paul Hejduk, owner and creator of Dawgs Forever Forever Dawgs.LP Painting LLC, 4ever4ever INC, Paul M Hejduk Co.


Thanks to Gary Conlogue for the photos.